Gladwell on Interviews

One of my favorite sites, Kottke, links to a Malcom Gladwell article, from 2000 (Y2K), titled "The New-Boy Network," about first impressions and interviews and stuff like that. The article follows the trajectory of a recent Harvard grad named Nolan Myers. Gladwell comments on the gut reaction to Myers by himself and other people, including Steve Ballmer of Microsoft. Myers made enough of an impression on Balmer that the latter offered himself up as a mentor to the former.

But there is a dramatic tension in Myers' job hunt as he is also interviewing at a Silicon Valley startup called Tellme.

Suddenly realizing that this article was over seven year old, I wondered about Tellme, "where are they now?" It occurred to me that Tellme might very well have vanished, so I went to what I guessed would be their site to find out.

Seeing that Tellme is now a subsidiary of Microsoft cracked me up.

changed November 16, 2007